Founder of this here blog, Anna Glasser.

Founder of this here blog, Anna Glasser.

Hello! Hej! 你好! Bounjour! مرحبا! ¡Hola! こんにちは! Hallo! Xin chào! Ciao!

Thanks for visiting, you savvy digital explorer you! I'm Anna Glasser, creator of North Atlantic Currents. This blog is for all the adventurers out there who love our planet and do it in style. 

North Atlantic Currents is a year-long project covering a BIG decision to move with my family of four from bustling London to quieter Copenhagen. As a native (suburban, gasp!) New Yorker having spent close to six years in London, my perspective has been shaped by a swirl of currents. This next journey will certainly add to the mix. 

Come follow along as we go spearfishing in Samoa, caravanning across New Zealand and settling in Denmark.

Thanks again for visiting. 

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