Writing Samples 

With a background in environmental communications, I've been exercising my writing and editing chops for over five years. Here are some examples. 

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Opinion: You can lead a Dane to water, but true happiness lies at home

On the verge of a move to Copenhagen, a reluctant New Yorker weighs up the pros and cons of life in Denmark.




A Circular food system – interview with Tristram Stuart

When it comes to our food system, we’re missing a trick. There’s masses of untapped value at every stage of the food supply chain, from the farms where our food is grown, through food packaging, transportation, retail and preparation, to the uneaten food that goes in the bin.


Slowing Down Fast Fashion’s Impact on the Planet

Every year an estimated £140 million worth (around 350,000 tonnes) of used clothing goes to landfill in the UK.  Fast fashion moves quickly, so instead of buying into it we’ve decided to challenge ourselves to buy out.


Three Ways Healthy Food Choices Help Save the Planet